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What are Acid Resistant Coatings?

Acid resistant coatings are designed to offer increased protection to concrete and steel substrates, helping prevent damage and corrosion from caustic fluids and acid compounds.

These coatings are much more effective than standard coatings at shielding surfaces from everyday contact with oil, grease, petrol and hydraulic fluids which make them perfect for use in concrete floors in garages, factories, laboratories, loading bays and bund coatings.

The acid resistance or effectiveness of a coating will depend on a number of criteria, such as:

·        the type of chemical exposure

·        the temperature of the environment

·        whether it is being used indoors or outdoors

·        how often the substrate is exposed to the acid (occasional/ frequent)

·        surface preparation

·        type of substrate (acid-resistant coating for steel, or acid-resistant coating for concrete)

In addition to commercial and industrial uses, these acid-resistant coatings are also perfect for domestic applications in garages, workshops, battery rooms, or to coat metal surfaces such as railings.

Our products are epoxy-based, high-quality coatings and provide outstanding protection against everyday acid corrosion from caustic fluids, fuels including oil and petrol, fatty acids, salt or sugar solutions.

The coatings come in a wide choice of colour and once applied result in a long-lasting, abrasion-resistant gloss finish. They can also be blended with quartz or decorative chips to allow for a more pleasing aesthetic whilst offering anti-slip properties for areas such as showrooms or swimming pool areas.

A few of our best-selling acid resistant coatings, screeds, paints and resins are highlighted here all having exceptional resistance to aggressive acids, solvents and alcohols e.g. 96-99% sulphuric acid, Methyl Ethyl Ketone and Methanol.

·  CPR 605 Self Sealing Acid Resistant Screed – rapid curing, resin-rich, three-pack epoxy screed. This self-sealing material is often used for bund linings as well as an acid-resistant epoxy floor coating for chemical and printing works, dye-works, pharmaceutical production etc.

·   CPR 602 Acid Resistant Epoxy Paint – rapid curing, two-pack, solvent-free epoxy coating system. Typically used as an internal lining for concrete or steel storage tanks; chemical bunds, acid-resistant floor coating or wall coating for chemical and printing works, bottling and canning factories, water treatment works, oil refineries, etc.

·    CPR 603 Acid Resistant Epoxy Laminating Resin – high-performance two-pack epoxy resin. Generally used in conjunction with multidirectional roving or other reinforcing mesh. It is also suitable for chemical bunds, effluent tanks, steel or concrete storage tanks.

·   CPR 606 Self Levelling Acid Resistant Screed – rapid-curing, resin-rich, three-pack slurry. The slurry is typically used for heavy-duty, acid-resistant flooring e.g. loading bays, chemical bunds, sewage treatment works, wet working environments (internal or external).


Whether your application is commercial, domestic, or industrial we offer a variety of specialised acid resistant coatings to suit the job. Our range will provide lasting, superior protection and excellent resistance to concrete and steel substrates and help prevent acid damage from common corrosive compounds.

Not sure which of our high-performance acid resistant coatings to choose? Contact us and we will be happy to talk through the different products and their uses to ensure you have the right product for the job!

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