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Sika MonoTop 610 (25kg)

Cementitious Steel Reinforcement Primer & Bonding Bridge

Sika MonoTop® -610 is a one component cementitious, polymer modified primer for reinforcement protection and also a bonding bridge for MonoTop concrete repair mortars.

  • Only requires mixing with water
  • Active corrosion inhibitors for added protection
  • Sprayable by wet spray method
  • Adjustable consistency
  • Suitable for drinking water contact

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Sika MonoTop® 610 may be used to bond MonoTop concrete repair mortars to existing cementitious or steel substrates and provide additional corrosion protection to reinforcement in MonoTop concrete repair mortars especially in areas of low concrete cover and in the presence of chlorides.


Approved for potable water contact as part of a system Reinforcement corrosion protection according to EN 1504-7(2006) DoP 02 03 02 02 001 0 000001

Product Information

Chemical Base

Portland cement, polymer redispersable powder/liquid, selected aggregates and additives.

Shelf Life

12 months from date of production

Storage Conditions

Store properly in original unopened, sealed and undamaged packaging in dry and cool conditions.


Fresh mortar density: ~ 2.0 kg/l

System Structure

Sika MonoTop® -610 is part of the Sika® MonoTop Concrete Repair System

Tensile Adhesion Strength

Concrete Steel
~ 1.0 – 2.5 N/mm2 ~ 1.0 – 2.0 N/mm2
Application Information

Mixing Ratio

Water: Powder: 1:4.13 by volume
  • For brush application: 1:4.75 by weight (5.25 litres of water per 25 kg bag)
  • For spray application: 1:5 parts by weight, 1:4.35 by volume (5 litres of water per 25 kg bag)

Layer Thickness

0.5 mm min. / 1.0 mm max.

Ambient Air Temperature

+5°C min. / +30°C max.

Substrate Temperature

+5°C min. / +30°C max.

Pot Life

~ 90 – 120 minutes (at +20°C)


This depends on the substrate roughness and thickness of the layer applied. As a guide,
  • Reinforcement Coating: ~ 2.0 kg/m2 per coat
  • Bonding Primer: ~ 1.5 – 2.0 kg/m2


Sika MonoTop® -610 can be mixed with a slow speed (< 500 rpm) electric drill mixer. Pour the water in the correct proportion into a suitable mixing container. While stirring slowly, add the powder to the water. Mix thoroughly for at least 3 minutes to the required consistency.


Reinforcement Corrosion Protection/Primer: Apply the first layer approx. 1 mm thick, using a medium-hard brush or spray gun to the cleaned reinforcement. Apply 2nd layer when the first coat is fingernail hard (~2 – 3 hours at +20°C). If the second coat of Sika MonoTop® -610 is allowed to dry prior to repair mortar application, then a fresh coat must be applied. Bonding Primer/Bridge: Apply using a medium-hard brush or spray gun to the prepared substrate. To achieve a good bond, Sika MonoTop® -610 must be applied well into the substrate, filling all pores. Reference shall be made to BS EN1504-10:2003 for specific requirements.


Clean all tools and application equipment with water immediately after use.  Hardened/cured material can only be mechanically removed.

Additional information

Weight 25 kg
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